Delete All Bozos

It’s 5:32 AM. You have to get to work by 6. You take a quick look at your forum’s user list, and you see that you have 692 members. Your eyes move further down the page.

“Most of these are spam bots! How will I ever delete them all? There are too many!”

Just then, a brick comes through your open window with a note taped to it.

“Delete them all at once with Delete All Bozos!”

You install Delete All Bozos, then click the button. Instantly, your forum’s user count goes down to 35. You hurry to work and get there with plenty of time to spare.

Once again, Delete All Bozos has saved the day.

Delete All Bozos searches your form for users marked with the bozo flag used for spam accounts caught by an anti-spam plugin. If your forum already has Akismet and Bozo Users installed and you get one or more spam registrations per week, Delete All Bozos is for you.

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