Instances are repeatable, self-contained areas where the objective is to make your way to the end, killing specific “bosses” along the way.

Instances are organized into two main groups: dungeons and raids. Dungeons always require five players or ten for hard mode. Raids can require anywhere from ten to over two hundred players to work together on a single task.

If the required player count is not met, computer-controlled players with similar skill and equipment to the players present will be added to fill in empty spaces.

1-9 – Realm of the Rat (dungeon)
10-19 – Apes of Wrath (dungeon)
20-29 – Planet of the Grapes (dungeon)
30-39 – Everclear Shallows (dungeon)
40-49 – Invoker’s Fortress (dungeon)
50-57 – Maroon Chapel (dungeon)
54-59 – Maroon Cathedral (dungeon)
60 – Maroon Citadel (raid)
60-69 – Impenetrable Deeps (dungeon)
70-79 – Nethergarde Ramparts (dungeon)
80-89 – Eye of the Storm (dungeon)
90-99 – Nethergarde Keep (raid)
100 – Temple of Lapic (raid)

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