The Medic class is a non-magical healer who is best used between fights as their abilities are easier to use, more powerful, or both when not in combat.

The Medic class does not use a resource.

The main abilities of the Medic class are as follows:

Cleanse Wound
10 second cast
Cannot be cast in combat
Melee range
Requires Medic
Heal your target for 20% of your maximum health plus an additional 50% of your maximum health over the next 3 minutes. Any damage taken by your target during the additional healing effect cancels the remainder of the effect.

Combat Bandage
1 second cast
200% effectiveness when not in combat
2 second cooldown
Melee range
Requires Medic
Heal your target for 5%-15% of your maximum health, determined by the amount of damage your target has taken in the last 5 seconds. More damage means less healing.

Administer Antidote
5 second cast
20% casting time when not in combat
10 second cooldown
Melee range
Requires Medic
Remove a poison effect from a friendly target and make them immune to additional toxins for the remaining duration of the effect removed. Maximum immunity of 10 minutes.

Adrenaline Rush
Instant cast
10 minute cooldown
Requires Medic
Increase the movement speed and attack rate of all members of your party or raid by 30% for 45 seconds.

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