Biome System


A biome is defined by a 64 bit (8 byte) integer for parameters and
a string for the name. The integer is read in little endian order
and each byte represents the following:

Byte 0 [0x00000000000000FF]:
Naturalness (0 is completely manmade, inorganic materials; 255 is
             completely natural environment with living trees,

Affects nature spell power.

Byte 1 [0x000000000000FF00]:
Temperature (0 is coldest possible; 255 is hottest possible)

Affects frost spell proc chance and NPC resistances to fire and
frost magic. Temperatures far away from 127 make the player become
tired more quickly.

Byte 2 [0x0000000000FF0000]:
Humidity (0 is completely dry; 255 is underwater)


Byte 3 [0x00000000FF000000]:
Light (0 is completely dark; 255 is blindingly bright)


Byte 4 [0x000000FF00000000]:
Precipitation (0 is absolutely none; 255 is always stormy)

Cold areas (see Byte 1) have snow; hotter areas have rain.

Byte 5 [0x0000FF0000000000]:

Byte 6 [0x00FF000000000000]:

Byte 7 [0xFF00000000000000]:
NPC Flags (bitwise)

xxxxx000 - NPCs are mostly humanoids
xxxxx001 - NPCs are mostly elementals
xxxxx010 - NPCs are mostly beasts
xxxxx011 - NPCs are mostly dragons/dragonkin
xxxxx100 - NPCs are mostly demons
xxxxx101 - NPCs are mostly spirits
xxxxx110 - NPCs are mostly ents/sentient plants
xxxxx111 - NPCs are mostly mechanical
xxxx1xxx - NPCs are undead/diseased variants
xxx1xxxx - NPCs are mostly dead (50% of NPCs spawn as corpses)
xx1xxxxx - NPCs are harder to find, but stronger
x1xxxxxx - NPCs can cast spells
1xxxxxxx - NPCs can poison

Example biomes

0x37????00A0109A00 – Abandoned robotics lab

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