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SporeSpace Galaxy

How will you create the galaxy?

In 2008, Maxis released Spore, along with a list of prototypes that each had a part of Spore’s gameplay embedded into them in a much smaller, cruder form.

SporeSpace is a free as in free, free as in freedom clone of “Space”, one of the original prototypes.

In SporeSpace, everything is procedurally generated, from the galaxy you play in to the surface of every planet.

SporeSpace Solar System

Welcome home!

SporeSpace Planet

Home sweet home

The game starts with your spaceship in the center of the newly generated galaxy, and then quickly shifts to your home star, and then your home planet.

From here, you can go back into space and explore. Zoom in and out by scrolling up and down or using the + and – keys on your keyboard.

SporeSpace Space View

Galactic exploration sure is fun!

While you are in space, you can navigate to different stars by clicking on them. There are six badges, all of which have different requirements. Can you collect them all?

SporeSpace Dialogue View

Talk to everyone you meet!

While you’re having fun exploring your own personal galaxy, the galaxy you’re exploring is expanding. New stars and planets will appear every so often to make sure you don’t run out of places to explore.

All of the creatures in the game are grabbed directly from Spore’s API. Everything else happens right in your browser, including saving!

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