My newest “secret project”

A screenshot of my secret project

A screenshot of my latest "secret project"

It’s time to bring a certain game back from the dead — for the sixth time.  It’s coming back with a complete redesign.  Everything is being redone.

Just as RuneScape’s graphics changed in a million different ways when it transitioned from RuneScape classic to RS2, the graphics of my secret project will also change.  (I’m taking my inspiration from canvas3d.)

Within the next few weeks, there should be a live demo of the new version, assuming that a certain person will help.


An online friend of mine has tried to make a virtual cat game several times and gave up each time.  But this time is different.  This time, she has the support of a programmer, and I won’t let her give up.

Sir Soybean... VKitty?

The new VKitty is all ajaxified, so there is only one full pageload for each time you visit your virtual cat, and everything else is handled by XMLHttpRequests.  Being admin on VKitty does have its advantages, as I am allowed to do things nobody else can do—adopt a llama and have over nine million cat cash, for example.

There are currently five different adoptable cat types.  None of them require any food or play yet, because VKitty is not quite done.  But at a rate of one update or more per day, it’s getting closer and closer to being finished.

Already, stats refresh twice a minute directly from the server, dates update twice a second using the JSON-encoded responses the server gives, there’s a fully searchable memberlist, and much more.

Unfortunately, each adoption costs five thousand cat cash, and when you join VKitty, you are only supplied with 250.  If anyone needs help adopting, until the “free kitten for joining” offer is in place, I’ll be glad to help.  Just send me an email at

If you have any suggestions for VKitty, you can suggest them here, and view the development here.

Without further ado, please join VKitty!