A new tradition: LlamaSlayers computer utility day

Starting today, the fifth of every month will be “LlamaSlayers computer utility day”.  Join if you want, basically all you have to do is complete any or all of the tasks from the following list.  After each task listed, there will be notes telling you how to do the task and why the task is important.  Some of these tasks are for Windows computers (I don’t have a Mac or Linux computer so I can’t say anything to do for them, you’ll have to look elsewhere), some for WordPress blogs, and others for general things to do around computers on the fifth of every month.

Of course, you don’t have to do any of these, they’re just suggestions.  And the fifth of every month is just a random date that popped into my head.  You can celebrate your own computer utility day on any day you want. Continue reading

Browser Warz-Part 3: Things just got interesting.

In all of the previous Browser Warz competitions, there were only 4 competitors.  Now, there are 26.  Now, I hope you’re thinking “26 browsers on one computer? This guy must be crazy!”, because I am.

However, unlike the other Browser Warz competitions, the browsers in this competition will be facing other versions of their own kind before going on to face the winners of each individual competition.

There are 4 things that the browsers will be scored on in this leg of the competition:

  • CSS errors (Is the purple header there?  Does the body of the page match up with the header?  Is the footer matching?  Are the horizontal rules hidden?)
  • JavaScript errors (Are there any?  How bad are they?)
  • Speed of the 3 tests (How fast were each of the three tests?  How long did it take 5 repeats of each test to occur?)
  • Total time taken on the tests (How many seconds did it take?)

The 26 browsers are split up into 5 categories:

  • Internet Explorer icon for Browser Warz Internet Explorer (7 browsers, page 2)
  • Firefox icon for Browser Warz Firefox (4 browsers, page 3)
  • Opera icon for Browser Warz Opera (6 browsers, page 4)
  • Netscape icon for Browser Warz Netscape (7 browsers, page 5)
  • “Other” icon for Browser WarzOther (2 browsers, page 6)

This competition, because it is so long, is divided into pages to reduce loading time.

Browser Warz-Part 2: Safari wins

The test:

To pass test 2, the browser has to:

  1. Correctly render the page from last time, except not gzipped.
  2. Read base64 encoded data and parse it as JavaScript.
  3. Do 10 million empty loops, 5 million Math.random() calls, and 500 thousand empty eval() calls as soon as the page loads.
  4. Respond to a double click event.
  5. Ask for permission to do memory-intensive scripts.
  6. Do 250 million empty loops, 125 million Math.random() calls, and 12.5 million empty eval() calls in under 10 minutes.
  7. Not crash during the time that it does step 3, although not responding for up to 5 minutes at a time is ok.

The results:

Safari went the fastest:  256.564 seconds (4.276 minutes)
Safari-Browser Warz test 2

Next in speed was Opera, with a time of 275.92 seconds (4.599 minutes)
Opera-Browser Warz test 2

And then comes Firefox, with a time of 371.446 seconds (6.191 minutes)
Firefox-Browser Warz test 2

Internet Explorer was disqualified because it did not render the page, nor did it respond to the double click event when I gave it a .html copy of the test.  I was curious, however, so I used the javascript: protocol and tested it.  It came in faster than opera!
IE-Browser Warz test 2

As always, you can download the test.  Here it is: Browser Warz test 2