VKitty status update: June 2009

The Royal Cat Hotel

Fully functional, just needs a bit of debugging.


Fishing Minigame

Well, at least the picture of a cat fishing is done. Nothing else, though.


Item images

12 items have images, and 30 are missing them.


Mobile VKitty

The current mobile VKitty at m.vkitty.net is provided by Mobify.me and does not let the user log in. The VKitty-based version is nowhere near done.



It’s completed. All it needs is a bit of publicity.


2 thoughts on “VKitty status update: June 2009

  1. It’s good to know what areas have progressed and how much. When this was posted, I couldn’t wait to go fishing…and now I can & like it very much! There sure are a lot of additions in progress. Will await further news from you about 100% completions that may be used. Wassa lottery?

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