It’s been over a year since I wrote my first post about bbPress. It surprises me that I hadn’t released bbPress Cash (now known as bbCash) for such a long time.

A quick disclaimer: The “money” that is used in this plugin is not transferable between real life and the forums, or vice-versa. It’s simply a fun way to track how many posts a user has made.

When a user registers, they are given $25 (forum money). After that, they can earn more money by buying lottery tickets and getting lucky, receiving donations from others, and posting on the forums.

Post value

Each post is passed through a special algorithm that goes as follows:

  1. A variable called reward is set to a default value, in this case, $.50.
  2. The number of words in the post is multiplied by the value per word, in this case, $0.025, and added to the reward.
  3. If the reward is over a certain amount, in this case, $10, it is set to the amount.
  4. The reward is multiplied by the fourth root of the sum of the Flesch Kincaid grade level and the Gunning Fog score of the post.
  5. The reward is raised to the power of the logarithm of the reward from step 4 with the base being the lowest integer greater than or equal to the value from step 3.
  6. If the reward is undefined, it is set to half of the default value from step 1.
  7. If the post starts a new topic, a certain amount is added to the reward, in this case, $1.
  8. In certain forums, posts are worth more or less than the same post would be worth in another forum. For example, posts in the spam forum would be worth nothing, while posts in a forum about puzzles would be worth more.

That may seem a bit long-winded, but it works in my tests. It makes posts with “lol” worth less than posts with “That made me laugh!” as well as some other balancing.

The lottery

After a predetermined amount of time, number of tickets, and number of ticket holders, a lottery drawing occurs.


There isn’t much to say about the plugin just yet, but if you want to test it out, you can go to my geeky forums.