bbPress Moderation Suite BETA – Coming soon to a plugin repository near you!

For almost 4 months, I’ve been slowly improving the bbPress Moderation Suite – adding planned sections and improving preexisting ones. Now, for the first time ever, I’ve discontinued a moderation helper.

Probation was originally planned to be a “moderation queue” for bbPress. The more I thought about it, the more similarities I drew between it and the core plugin “Bozo Users”. In fact, they both do exactly the same thing with one small difference. Both plugins allow administrators to mark users as spammers and have their posts only show up to themselves until a moderator approves them.

The only difference is that my plugin hasn’t been written yet. And never will.

Now, it’s your turn to pitch in. I’m just about done developing the bbPress Moderation Suite until someone can give me a reason to make a change.

How you can help

  • Translate the plugin (or improve other translations) – Email me if you need help or have a translation ready.
  • Go on a bug huntDownload the latest development version from the bbPress Plugin Repository. If you find anything wrong with it, be sure to tell me on my blog or somewhere on
  • Write a review – Go ahead, be a critic. Write a blog post about the bbPress Moderation Suite. Be sure to tell me about it!
  • Submit a feature request – Think the plugin is missing something? Send in a request for your feature!
  • Just use it – If you don’t want to help me, help yourself. The plugin is freely available at