bbPress Moderation Suite 0.1-alpha5 — I’m ba-aack

From the bbPress Plugin Browser:

Mod Log

Keeps track of important moderator actions.

So far, it logs the following actions:

  • Plugins
    • Activation
    • Deactivation
  • Forums
    • Deletion
  • Users
    • Bozo (on, off)
    • Deletion
  • Posts
    • Status change (delete, spam, undelete, unspam)
    • Editing (by other users)

Now I need YOUR help

BAD SPANISH TRANSLATION MAN has been able to (badly) translate the plugin into Spanish. If anyone out there knows a foreign language, please translate the bbPress Moderation Suite into your language. German and French are a good place to start.

Even if you don’t know a foreign language, you can help by finding actions that should be logged in addition to the ones listed above.

I also need help testing the plugin. Subversion is a big help if you want to test the newest code. Simply schedule a task to run SVN UP on the plugin’s directory. The SVN repository is at