Raising a litter of kittens

Its a trouble raising kittens.. So you must read this before you decide yhou can raise a litter of kittens.

It all started long ago, when my female cat became fat.

Yay! I was so excited! I was gonna raise some kittens!

Two months passed and she was so huge, she couldn’t even walk, she wobbled (literally)

We predicted she’d have kittens on easter day

Easter passed -No kittens

Well weeks went by and no kittens.

One morning I woke up quite earl to find Smokey in an odd mood.

She never acted such odd. She scratched at the door, meowed a bunch.. and other things.

So I let her indoors thinking she was hhungry.

She went to the food bowl, looked at it, then went into my parents room as I went to my father.

“Why is she wanting in?” I asked, he said she was gonna have the kittens O.O

So I put her outside and asked him what to do.

He said to fix up the little dog type house.

So I got pillowss, towels and all of the above to put in the box and make her happy.

Then I made her get in the box jjust as she was going to have kittens.

Then she had kittens.

Well I thought ALL of them where BLACK and I was upset.

I wanted them to be like mum, grey.

Well mommy cat cleaned them up as their furr exploded in grey πŸ™‚

I was so happy!

But them the troubles came.

I remember, 6 kittens, and one was dead at birth πŸ™

But I thought, ok its fine.

Well laater Smokey moved them to the place across the porch, which was TINY!

Then I named one kitten for his beautiful light colored fur, I names him Socks (sokken)

But only a few days later he went missing, no chance to be found, I screamed at smokey “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!!” all day.

Well I moved on.

Then I always admired how the ONLY different kitten (he was a grey striped kitten, unlike the others being grey) how he sorta “Fought” with his brothers.

When it was feeding time he would be a little hog and use his paws to whack of the others πŸ˜€ It was funny, for so, I named him trouble

Well they where getting bigger when mmommy cat moved them AGAIN but in nothing, just by the door.

Well I saw them, and knowing that they could fall down the side of the porch I moved them back.

Mommy cat moved them back again, so I put towels in spots they could fall.

Well I had to rush out and then I tripped over trouble.

I picked him up and said sorry, then something bad happened… He looked like he was having a ciezure or something

I placed him back down as he just rolled over dying…

All I could so was scream nooo.. over and over. I opened the door to my house and fell down inside screaming and crying..

My dad went to burry him adn came back telling me HE was a SHE…

For WEEKS I had flashbacks… Now I still even have flashbacks from time to time… writing this is making me cry… and hacve a flashback πŸ™

But I guess I have to move on.

After that I swore NOTHING AT ALL would ever happen to kill them like that.

Then… Ithought I’d have to take that back when Smokey moved one under the house, out of reach, and ABANDONED IT!

I live in a trailer BTW.

I tore down the whole side of m porch, and crawled under it (yes, millions of spiders and bugs *Shivers*) and got my baby back!

I didn’t caare if I got in big trouble, it was for my cat.

Nothing much has happened tobad since then… other than now the kittens can get under cars and such….

So be sure you can handle it before you raise them.

And now they are 3 months old and I have a litter of white kittens from my memes.

The cat canme from her house to mine and had 3 kittens, one I don’t know what happened to, but the other two, Mao (male) and Beauty (female) are OK.