A New Story by Me.

This is my take on the story and history of the Dread Lord, Zaros.Long ago, Guthix stumbled upon a new land. Being a diety of balance, Guthix decided to invite all others to Gelenor. The first of these were, in order, Amadryl, Saradomin, Zaros, and the Anubis ripoff. Plus the other ones that nobody cares about.

Saradomin created humans, and a few peaceful creatures. These include average wildlife. He is th being of Knowledge.

Armadryl, the diety of good, gave plants, and trees.

And Zaros created the Demons, Goblins, and all evil.

THe Mahjaraat alreaday inhabited the area. Zaros enslaved them.

And so, Zaros decided that Guthix was too powerful. He sent Guthix into a deep sleep, not to awaken for a very long time.

The other dieties of the newly forged Runescape were enraged. The first age had ended. THe second age, an age of war, had begun.

Zammorak was general of Zaros’ army. Lucien was second to him. As the battles raged on, Armadryl seemingly disappeared. Few claim to know anything about him…

Armadryl left a mighty “God Weapon” behind him. The Staff was given all of his power- Enough power, in fact, to destroy a God. Zaros, now greatly superior to all other dieties, sent an elite squad of Mahjaraat to find it, plus Lucien. This squad included Zamorak, Lucien, and Hazeel. They eventually found the staff.

Hazeel, a close friend of Zamorak’s, persuaded him to use the staff for his own kind. Lucien told him not to- That nothing could come of it. But, Zamorak had already made up his mind. He used the staff for himself.

Zamorak used the power of the staff to weaken Lucien, to test it.

Zaros sensed this power and immediately found the two Mahjaraat, Zamorak and Hazeel. Zaros sealed Hazeel away, and challenged Zamorak to battle.

/it was a lon, and fierce battle. Zamorak, in the end, scarificed himself in order to put Zaros in a weakened state. Though, a small bit of Zaros’s power went to Zamorak in his death. Zamorak was now a diety of chaos. In becoming a god, a shockwave was sent out, partially awkening Guthix.

Zamorak was banished to the Wilderness, for acts against a god. And Guthix, in a struggle against the weakened Zaros, sacrifices his body- All but his skull, to send Zaros into what is now the Pit of Tulna. And so, Zaros’s power was put to a pause. For then…

THe war against Zaros took up to the Third Age, the beginning of the God Wars, part two.

Here, the three dieties did battle, until claiming that there was no winner.

Recently, Zaros’s power has escaped in many ways. Robert the Strong was part of Zaros- A small part. He is now Bob the cat.

Tulna, too, obviously.

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  1. annd robert the strong is not part of zaros…zaros is in a diffrent dimminsion atm azzandara spoke with him during a semi- recent quest..also the eldergods created the land and guthix changed it to his liking then hid the stone of jas wich afterward he fell asleep and sara, guthix,zammy, and zaros came to be from around the same time

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