Dude! Some totally awesome updates on the Scape! Let’s see what they are.

Clan chat! Dude, it’s a clan chat! Where you can ,like, chat with your clan! IN game! DUDE!!! SWEETNESS!

Items’ descriptions are getting PUMPED UP! Graphics, too! So, now, scary places will LOOK scary! Sweet, huh!?

New hairstyles, armbands, pants, and shirts are to be available! AND FOR ONE WEEK, THEY’RE FREE!!!

“Themed Servers,” I don’t care about.

But, hear about THIS! GOD WARS DUNGEON! Ancient beastz from… YOU GUESSED IT! The Third age God War! And, if I’m reading the update right, you get to see Armadryl! HE’S AN ANCIENT GOD!!! (Also, more information on our own Dread Lord, Zaros, may be revealed… *snicker.*)

Have a pleasant and immediate future.


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