Why can’t I wield my tools?

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This is a reposting of a rather succesfull thread entitled “Why can’t i wield it”, which mysteriously disappeared, and i don’t know why, ikept it equally bumped as my other threads which didn’t go. Anyway, i didn’t save the text or supporters list, so it will be slightly different this time around.

Ever noticed why miners, woodcutters and harpoon fishers can wield their equipment, yet every other fisher, smither and fletcher can’t?

Why can i carry a great big anchor, but struggle to lift a tiny hammer which would let me smith 1 more bar per load?

Why can’t i hold that light net, or fishing rod?

Why is that little wooden lobster pot too much for me to carry? (thanks to Adiosk8ter93 for reminding me of the lobster pot, i had it in my orignial version, forgot it this time)

How come a knife is just too heavy for me?

It’s just plain unfair? Why can’t we wield all the tools for skills? If we could wield none, it’d be fine, but it’d be better if all were wieldable.

And don’t say “but a net can’t be a weapon!!”. Why not? We can use flowers, why not a net?

Please specifically state support in your post if you do so.

EDIT: Thanks to W00tiness for poitning out hunters can also wield butterfly nets, noose wands and falcons.

EDIT: Halvkloge also mentioned needles and thread, the thread could be wielded in shield slot, which would allow mass amounts of ranger armour to be crafted more quickly.

EDIT: Due to large numbers of people saying that you need to use a knife on a log, I am putting this counter argument in the main post: they could add a “Cut *tree* log” option to logs when wielding a knife.

There are many many more, tinderbox, rakes etc. no need to list them all.

I just want to thank Joopy Froot0 and Prowarlord08 for all the bumps, they’re greatly appreciated.

I, for one, support this rant.  I don’t usually go on the Runescape forums to post, and that’s why you won’t find my name on the support list.

I thought of this long before I was a member, if I can remember correctly, it was on tutorial island.  I was thinking, why can I hold this axe in my right hand but can’t hold my tinderbox in my left?  Later on, I saw people holding [what I assumed to be] tinderboxes in their shield slots.  It was one person in Draynor that was wearing white robes and a frog mask that was lighting fires with [what I assumed to be] a tinderbox that they were wielding that I asked what he was holding.

He said it was a sara book.  I asked him what that was, he said it was a prayer book.  I asked him where I could get one, he said it was members only.

Later, when I found out about the knowledge base, I looked it up.  I found that I would need to kill two level 100’s to get one and then pay 400k to players to get the pages.

I just gave up on it there and then.

Almost a year later, in a different account, (I had lost the password to my old one and didn’t set recovery questions) I finished the quest and got the Saradomin book.  I eventually got all four pages, and now…

 I see that it’s pretty cool, but I still can’t light fires with it.  😀

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