“Why did you join Jagex?”

The JMods are asked the question: What made you join Jagex?

Here are their answers, which one is your favorite?

  • Mod Poppy – Party Pete sent me an invite.
  • Mod Timbo – The awesome work that goes on here, working for a games company and the free fruit!
  • Mod Mark H – Two of my personal friends worked here and told me of an open position. I had just finished my college/6th form courses then and thought it would be a good life experience.
  • Mod Stevew – They made me an offer I couldn’t refuse!
  • Mod Michelle – Who doesn’t want to work for a games company?
  • Mod Sarah – Had problems getting into the media industry, so joined Jagex for experience since the two industries can run hand in hand.
  • Mod Jon – Working for a computer games company..? Who wouldn’t!
  • Mod French – I needed a job that was better paid than the two I had already. That and I enjoy RPGs in general.
  • Mod Saitziel – I’m a gamer and it’s a games company! πŸ™‚
  • Mod Fran – Who could resist?
  • Mod Ash – Some guy in a bar, I think he said his name was Andrew Gower, kept on talking about something called RuneScape. This was around 2001/2. His mates told me it was a game where people clicked on rocks all day. I figured I gotta get me some of that, so I started playing, and in 2004, when I was about to graduate from Uni, I applied for a job. I was a forum mod at the time, which may have helped in the interview.
  • Mod Gabriel – I had just moved to Cambridge to live with my girlfriend. I had no experience of the gaming industry, but I had previously worked for another Internet company and Jagex seemed a pretty upbeat place to work.
  • Mod Raven – The many many fringe benefits, great atmosphere and the promise of untold power. The untold power bit might not be true.
  • Mod John A – It got recommended to me by a job agency.
  • Mod Chihiro – I’ve known mod_mark for years, we played CCGs and Tabletop RPGs together. I started playing RS and loved it. A year later I wanted a new job and Jagex were hiring. I thought, why not?
  • Mod Tim – An interest in games since I can remember. I’d also just left University and felt it time to put some of my random knowledge into practice!
  • Mod Monty – The idea of working for a games company far out weighed the desire to loaf!
  • Mod Trick – I’d played the game for a few years, and fresh out of uni I though… wouldn’t it be awesome if…
  • Mod Hew – They had the job opening, I wasn’t doing anything else: it worked out great. I’d never imagined I might get to work in games.
  • Mod Parrott – I had a lot of friends here already and it seemed like a fun place.
  • Mod Wessel – To work in the creative industries and to get an insight to how the games industry works.
  • Mod Hayley – I was told it’s the best place to work. (yes it is)
  • Mod Kerstin – I love games and always wanted to work in the games industry!
  • Mod Mark L – I did my industrial placement for my degree with Jagex, at the end they offered me a job when I left Uni and I accepted.
  • Mod Bazz – The people i work with and the great benefits.
  • Mod Elvis – I always wanted to work in the games industry, so when I saw the advert shortly after leaving Uni I jumped at the chance
  • Mod Peter – I was job hunting when Jagex was seeking additional staff. I thought it sounded like a great place to work, I wasn’t disappointed!
  • Mod Sparrow – Mainly I joined on a whim.
  • Mod Davina – There was nothing to stop me!
  • Mod Bradley – They promised to give me a shiny penny every day!
  • Mod Zuu – The name mainly, being the UK’s biggest independent games company I don’t think I could of done any better πŸ™‚ I’d also casually played RS in the past and thought it would be nice to work for the guys who had me play my first MMO.
  • Mod Thor – A wizard came to me in a vision and offered me cookies.
  • Mod Maz – I needed a job!
  • Mod Emilee – I have been playing RuneScape since the Classic days. When I found out that the offices were a mere 45 minute drive away, I applied!
  • Mod Lister – The money!
  • Mod Patrick – Curiosity
  • Mod Craddock – I’ve always wanted to join the games industry and I love roleplay games. Jagex was a natural choice. πŸ™‚
  • Mod Lorenzo – Well, it seemed a good idea at the time :).
  • Mod Vicki – I was looking for jobs for my little brother, saw the ad and thought “Hmmmmm…”
  • Mod Zappone – I always wanted to work in a castle and it is close to my house.
  • Mod Wozz – An Interest In the Gaming Industry
  • Mod Bella – Curiosity
  • Mod Howes – The fluoride in the water.
  • Mod Andy W – The chance to work for a constantly growing games company and the desire to get out of Retail Management πŸ™‚
  • Mod Ruediger – I wanted to move to Cambridge and to have an interesting job.
  • Mod Poekel – A friend of mine worked at Jagex and told me about some vacancies.
  • Mod Crow – They’re a games company and I like games. Seemed obvious really!
  • Paul – Well after co-founding the company – it’d have been rude not too.
  • Mod Liono – An unhealthy interest in computer games coupled with a need for monetary income made it the obvious choice πŸ˜›
  • Mod Newmatic – I’d had a sensible computer security job for far too long.
  • Mod Jon H – I already knew Mod Ash and he told me there were vacancies. It sounded fun, so I applied, and here I am! πŸ™‚
  • Mod Jack – Someone recommended me and told me it was a great company! πŸ˜€
  • Mod Dc – I decided I wanted to work in the games industry, so I made it happen!
  • Mod Easty – I needed the chance to get inside those darn Jagex Towers; promises of cookies were too tempting to ignore!
  • Mod James H – I played RuneScape ages before I worked here (and still do), then saw an advert in the local paper and applied. Everything seemed to fall together nicely. πŸ˜›
  • Mod Mat K – The nightmares… it was the nightmares and nothing else… the nightmares… gibber gibber gibber…
  • Mod Stunt – My bank account had negative monies. πŸ™
  • Mod Dean – Bored of working on console games, and loved the “old skool” feeling of having the two brothers continue to work on the game.
  • Mod Zach – Some mystical force pulled me towards the castle.
  • Mod Hulme – The Rune Crossbow pointed at my head.
  • Mod Chris L – I’d played RuneScape before and saw a position when I was looking for a placement for my university course.
  • Mod Mark R – The nice lady told me that I got the job!
  • Mod Knox – I applied here during a 2-month long scrabble to find an industrial placement as part of my degree. After visiting the office on the assessment day, I realised I really wanted to be part of Jagex.
  • Mod Spax – I had just finished my A-levels and fancied a proper challenge. πŸ˜›
  • Mod Giuly – Free fruits!
  • Mod Luke – Moving to the other side of the world with almost no money and then taking 5 months just to get a job interview anywhere was a pretty convincing argument. (Note to antipodeans: if you intend on moving to the UK, ensure your CV says you’re amazing. My CV did the humble thing, which got me nowhere until I got sick of rejection letters and changed it to point out that I am, in fact, awesome.)
  • Mod Murphy – I was broke and living on the dole (which sucks!) and my friend Mod Chris worked here so I thought I’d throw an application this way, and to my surprise got a job.
  • Mod Mog – I saw it as my chance to get into the games industry which has pretty much been my dream job since I was 4. πŸ™‚
  • Mod Mike – I never joined I was assimilated.
  • Mod Prescott – After looking around the company when applying for the job I knew I just HAD to join up πŸ˜€
  • Mod Sophie – My love of computer games.
  • Mod Vero – A lucky spell
  • Mod Stakins – A stunning browser-based game called RuneScape. It was a love at first sight. *sigh*
  • Mod Noldor – I saw the potential of a great company and a QA position was advertised.
  • Mod Carlos – I needed a job super bad…i like games πŸ™‚
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  1. Does Jagex really serve fruit? What a healthy place to work! My favorites are the non-serious (i.e. non-boring answers) like “on a whim”, “a lucky spell”, and “the fluoride in the water”.

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