The complete history of firecat

I am fire cat. It is random but I got bored and wanted make my history (MUST HAVE HISTORY!!)

Fire cat emerged long ago when a human and cat where in a burning building.

Everyone tried to save them, people of all kinds. No one could save them so they slowly burned until they where dead.

But their spirits floated on the way to giant exploded cotten ball in the sky (clouds). But while going up they met each other and combined their spirits, and instead of floating they came back to earth.

Only a spirit they still where burnt from the flames of the  building. They became mad of this pain.

They used their combined powers of the spirits to transform into a creature -That could be seen with the eye of a mortal/human.

In the shape of a cat, the talk of a human and cat, fire in flames coating a fur like body the fire cat could transform into the following:

Cat body -Flame fur

Cat body -Grey fur (no flames)

human body -Cat ears & tail (grey)

When in the human type form she could bring down her ears to be hidden under her brown hair adn the tail could be hidden in her shorts/pants

But as a spirit, not a true human she was indastructable.

You cut her head off, she simply put it back on.

If you angered her she transformed into the FireCat form.

So she lived her life as the firecat.

People where amazed… And she lives on forever