bbPress Moderation Suite 0.1-alpha3 — ANOTHER ONE ALREADY?

Alpha 3 of bbPress Moderation Suite has less of the “OH MY GOD HE RELEASED ANOTHER VERSION WITH ALL NEW STUFF THAT I’VE NEVER HEARD OF BEFORE” and more of the “Great! He fixed INSERT BUG HERE!”

Although the Warning helper made its first appearance in this version, it is not the star of the show.  Instead, there are a few bug fixes that are more exciting:


Now, don’t be offended, it’s just a term. People use WordPress and the core plugins go to the same place as plugins they add on their own.  However, bbPress has a different opinion on what should go where.  While the bb-plugins directory does work for non-core plugins, the my-plugins directory is where you’re supposed to put them.  The Report helper does not function properly when it is installed in the wrong directory!  Simply put, bbPress Moderation Suite puts a little notice on its activation page if you put it in the wrong place.  In the future, it might even be able to move itself!

Warning prototype

While the version of the Warning moderation helper included in 0.1a3 is not by any means “final” or even “usable” ;), it has most of the features that the final version (or at least the first non-alpha version).  There’s really not much to say about it yet.  I wouldn’t even recommend using it in this release unless you’re really into the bbPress Moderation Suite.


In the time between alpha 2 and alpha 3, about half of the total commits to date were made.  This means that alpha 3 has about twice as many new or fixed features as the previous two alphas.  Either that or I’m just fixing all my mistakes.

Either way, you can see the changes made to bbPress Moderation Suite between alpha 2 and alpha 3 and the log messages I made on the way. Here’s my todo list for future versions of bbPress Moderation Suite: