bbPress Moderation Suite reaches alpha 2

Just a day ago, I told you that bbPress Moderation Suite’s first alpha had been released.  Now, with two of its five parts completed, another alpha is coming your way.  Ban Plus has now been added.  It’s an improvement over Temporary Ban, an older plugin I made simply because it doesn’t use actual banning.  When a user is banned using Ban Plus, the plugin does all the thinking.  This allows me to tell the user how much longer they’ll be banned and why they were banned.

You can grab alpha 2 and later version as they are released from the official plugin page.

You can also see what I’m doing as far as developing the plugin in the log.

8 thoughts on “bbPress Moderation Suite reaches alpha 2

  1. I really like this plugin and am testing it as part of a replacement I am considering for a long-standing discussion page.

    I am having a few issues with it though, predominantly the report feature:
    + clicking on the report link goes to a link that has my web server path included in full rather than the relative path
    + the report link doesn’t come up for all user levels, which I would like as our mods/admins aren’t “above the law” so to speak

    I’m keen to see you progress some of this, particularly the moderator activity log. I’d love to be able to track moderator edits of posts and email the user with the edit and why, as well as issue warnings and keep a log of those. Donations are a possibility for this functionality too 🙂


    • For the first problem:
      + What OS is your server running on?
      + Can I have a link to your forums?

      For the second problem:
      Go to line 409 of report.php and remove the && !$post_author->has_cap('moderate')

      • Redhat EL4

        You’ll notice an auto-redirect to a specific topic, this is something I was hoping I could ask you about … I haven’t been able to get much assistance elsewhere because I think a few people don’t like what I want to do with bbPress so won’t help. If you wouldn’t mind, could you send me an email to the address I’ve provided, I’d like to ask you about a few other things if you have time.

        • You put the folder in bb-plugins, but as the installer states, it’s supposed to go in my-plugins. Just move bbpress-moderation-suite from the current location to .../bbpress/my-plugins/bbpress-moderation-suite.

          I’m adding a warning to the next alpha that should prevent others from having the same problem.

    • Oh yeah, three other things with Ban Plus that I noticed …

      Firstly, if you login to the site whilst banned:
      + you get the ban screen which would need a template for it – maybe there’s a note in the install that says this and if not, could be handy.
      + you are “stuck” with the ban screen with no way of “logging out”, meaning multiple users on one computer are kinda screwed – “bouncing” the banned user with the appropriate ban message would be better rather than logging them in and not providing a logout capability.
      + whilst there is notification for banning, email notification to the user would be great too. I’m sure I could write something to do this, but if it was in the plugin as a configuration option it would be better.


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