A Computer Conundrum

You hear your doorbell ring.  You go to the front door of your house and open it to find — not a person — a computer.  Or at least you think it’s a computer.  You bring it inside and notice a note:

I see you have found my little gift.  You can use it for anything you want, but you must follow my instructions carefully.  The computer has a special operating system, which works only on this computer and is the only thing that works on this computer.  You can type a description of a program you want and it will create it.  However, you are not allowed to use the internet in any of your programs.  You cannot lose possession of it; it will always be yours, no matter how hard you try to sell it or throw it away.  You are the only person who can see this computer.

What do you type into the computer first?  (Be reasonable.  Your suggestion might actually make it into an operating system)