Daily Llama 3.0

The all new Daily Llama — it’s more flashy, more semantic, and best of all, more purple!

While I have nothing against my own creation, Modern-Blue just wasn’t my style.  I had been looking into themes that developers could use — so I wouldn’t need to start from scratch — and I settled upon Sandbox.  It has so many CSS classes built in that I hardly had to modify the template at all!  I changed the page.php and single.php templates to link to themselves, footer.php to show the page generation stats (for example, “25 queries in 1.732 seconds”), and the comments.php template to upgrade to threaded comments.

But enough with the technical gibberish.  Here are my favorite things about the new theme:

It’s purple

This goes without saying.  (My favorite color is purple)

All headings are accessible

With the new style, I can use any heading from 1 to 6  — yep, that’s all of them — in any post.  This means that I get an additional two headings from the top that used to be too big, plus the two from the bottom that used to be smaller than the main text of the post.

The big flashy logo

I always liked big flashy logos. 😉  This one isn’t even made in flash!

I can make nested pages to infinity and beyond

Just when you thought this blog couldn’t get any more annoying awesome, this happens.

The template is somebody else’s

Although that may seem like a bad thing, it’s actually very good.  It means that I don’t have to worry about figuring out the code if a new version of WordPress breaks the theme.  All I have to do is download a patched version of Sandbox, and I’m ready to roll.

What do you like about it?

I’ve listed my favorite things about Daily Llama 3.0, what are yours?

2 thoughts on “Daily Llama 3.0

  1. My favorite things about Daily Llama 3.0 are the awesome heading (flashy, you said), the fact that you kept the tag cloud, and the blue links that run down the right side. The deep purple that surrounds the main content is so lovely!!!

  2. Thank you for keeping the tag cloud! I love the purple–it is even a prettier purple than the old one. Also, I like the flashiness without flash! Everything is so PRETTYFUL!!!!!

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