The elusive black platelegs

After spending hours waiting for the black full helmet and black platelegs to respawn in the champions guild store, I gave up on buying black platelegs from the store (having just bought the helmet) and looked to see what monsters dropped the platelegs I sought. The only creature on the list was animated black armor.

Great, I need to kill my own armor to get some. Very thoughtful, Jagex, you just stopped everyone on Runescape from doing your newest quest.

But then, I remembered a small shop in Al Kharid. Running to the desert that I had been in earlier that day, trying to find granite, I went to the shop and bought the platelegs.

I took the gnome glider to White Wolf Mountain and hurried to falador, then Ice Mountain, then finally to the Black Knights’ Fortress. I donned my brand new bronze medium helmet and iron chainmail body and rushed through the doors of the fortress so nobody would recognize me.  I hid in a corner and changed into my hard-to-get black armor and then headed down the ladder.

I saw King Arthur and freed him from the stone enchantment.  As I was leaving, someone yelled my name and I ran back.  They begged me to buy my armor, and since I no longer needed it, I sold it to them for their price of 40000 coins.  I now have 125000+ coins in my bank account.

I ended my day in Camelot and dueled a few of the knights in a safe arena that was enchanted by Merlin.

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