bb-NoSpamUser is ready!  It’s a very simple plugin, with less code than the WordPress version.  Unfortunately for all of the non-up-to-date hosts out there, it requires PHP5, but if somebody could port it to PHP4, I’d be glad to include the code.

The logic is simple: When somebody goes to the registration page — either the one where you enter information or the one where the account is created — their IP address is checked with  When somebody tries to register, it checks their email address and username.  That’s all it does.  It’s that simple.

One thought on “bb-NoSpamUser

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for porting NoSpamUser to bbPress. It is most likely that there will be some updates during the next weeks, which will heavely increase the functionality of this plugin.

    Btw, it would have been nice if you’d dropped a small trackback, mail, whatsoever… 😉

    So long,

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