Post Count

It’s not how much you post, it’s what you post. There’s no automated method in existence that can measure that. Think hard:

  • Is this worth it for the forums?
  • Will it help others?
  • Am I doing this just for the post count?

If you still think you should post it, go through a simple checklist in your head:

  • Is this the correct forum for this subject?
  • Is there already a topic with this subject?
  • Is my post related closely enough to the topic I’m posting it in?
  • Is my post legible and easily understood by the other forum members?
  • Does my post break forum rules?

If you answer no to any of the checklist items, stop posting immediately. If you still want to post, go ahead, but remember to use common sense.

There are a few people on the forums just to raise their post count. You need to remember, above everything else: post count is meaningless. What matters is the community.

Stay tuned for my next post: Forum Netiquette (Scheduled for 3:00 today)