Modern-Blue 2.1

Modern Blue 2.1

The two main features of Modern-Blue 2.1 are threaded comments and color schemes.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to make an admin menu yet, so the only way to change color schemes is to go into the code.  However, the code is very easy to understand.  You simply copy a line of code from one file to another, and the template does the rest of the work.

There are three types of color schemes in Modern-Blue 2.1: Single, Multi, and Range.


A single color is used for the entire blog’s color scheme.  The color can be seen in an unchanged state on the borders of the blue bubbles, and the rest of the scheme is calculated by the blog.  I’ve tried lots of different random colors and they all look good.


A set of single colors is given to the template in the form of an array.  The template takes the array and selects a random array member for each pageload.


This is the most exciting part: With only one line of code, a different color from a range is selected for each pageload.  The theme comes with Red, Green, Blue, and Rainbow, but if you can figure it out, you can make many more.

The only drawback of the new version is that it only works on WordPress 2.7 (which is not yet even in beta) and up.  I have uploaded Modern-Blue 2.1 to this blog, but I will not put it on the official repository until WordPress 2.7 is stable.

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  1. I like the rainbow option best right now. I’ve never seen anything like this with changing colors before. Could you add to the blog…samples of the scheme options with the line of code that made them happen?

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