Calvin and Hobbs



When I first started being a volunteer cat socializer at the Wisconsin Humane Society, my two favorite cats were Calvin and Hobbs (their pictures show them a lot younger and smaller than they are).  I continued to go into their suite in the Royal Cat Hotel and visit them every week until they were adopted.  I was happy that they were able to go to a new home, but at the same time, sad that I would no longer be able to visit them.

Yesterday, I saw them in the Cat Nap.  Calvin was exactly the same as I remembered him, but Hobbs’ fur had turned white from his neck down.  After reading the log, I learned that everyone was sad that the adoption was not successful.  Hobbs climbed on my lap as soon as I sat down in the suite, just like he used to.  Calvin stayed up on his perch like normal and both liked to be petted.

I let them out of the suite for a while.  Calvin ran around the room, liking the newly found space very much.  Hobbs lay down on the ground and wanted more petting.

Overall, I’m sad that the adoption fell through, but happy that they are back where I can visit them.  If my mother wasn’t alergic to cats, I’d adopt them immediately.

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  1. I love Calvin and Hobbes! They are so cute! Are you serious that his whole body other than his head is white? Freaky! Aren’t cats free when they are over a year old? That’s too bad that your mom’s allergic…

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