What RuneScape Really Needs

RuneScape releases new content about every 3 days, but they have missed a few small tweaks that they really need (in my opinion).

A real client

Okay, you can download an official “client” for RuneScape.  However, all it does is embed IE6 and it can only be run on Windows.  Windows may have the highest current market share, but that’s mostly Windows XP.  Microsoft will stop supporting Windows XP on April 14th, 2009.  At that point, Windows users will have to either pay $200+ for Vista or switch to Mac or Linux.  Basically, the client needs to be made non-windows based.

Also, since the client still needs Internet Explorer to run, it may be removing the visible clutter of a browser, but it’s definitely not removing the CPU and RAM clutter.  I’m better off using a bookmark in Firefox than running an insecure browser inside a client that does nothing but RuneScape.

Here’s how they can change it to be better:

Make the client load the game applet directly and run it without the clutter of the web browser dragging it down.  It could even have a cache of the game applet (verified by a checksum) that would save Jagex a bit of bandwidth.

A news RSS feed

I subscribe to most websites by RSS.  That way, I can read all the news in one place, and if I want to find out more, I can click on the title (and I don’t have to go to every single website/blog that I read)

Jagex could relatively simply make an RSS feed for RuneScape news.

Offline messaging

There have been a lot of times that I wanted to message someone about something, but I didn’t know their email address and they weren’t online.  A simple thing to do for Jagex would be to store the messages sent to a player when they were offline and have something in the options menu to read them when the user logged in.  There would probably be a notice like the one you get when the GE updates.

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