My Life Story

The Legend of Sir Soybean is being written, and it turns out I’m just a figment of someone’s imagination!  How sad!

Excerpt from the translated diary of Sar Sobrun, page 51,382

I have been spying on the humans again.  I know, my mother told me that I should never go anywhere near humans for fear of being seen, but sometimes, I just can’t help myself.  I stay shielded, so they can’t see me, but somehow, the human children have started to make up stories about mystical elves by the name of Sir Soybean, a frighteningly close name to my own.

I’m just glad that they are children and Sir Soybean can be passed off as imagination.  If they were adults, who knows how long I could be grounded.  And even worse, what would happen to Alfstad if the humans became a threat?  It wouldn’t just be me in trouble.  All the elves would lose their home!

I’ll just have to hope that it’s only a coincidence and Sir Soybean was the result of childhood imagination.  If it isn’t, I’ve created a gigantic threat to all elves just by looking at some children who I thought couldn’t see me.

Do you like the story so far?  Want to read more?  Then head on over to The Legend of Sir Soybean!

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