VKitty Development Diary: Clothing and cats

Generic cat, generic shirt

Generic cat, generic shirt

A while ago, I posted a picture of Sir Soybean in a red shirt.  Now, I’ve decided that that shirt model was too ugly, and since the cat system is being redone (so all the rendering is client-side), the model was completely worthless.

As the cat modeling splits into two different models, Kat and I must each create clothing models.  Kat likes to make them in non-antialiased PNGs (antialiasing makes it harder to render as SVG and increases the filesize), while I like to make the clothing models in Inkscape on top of my kitten model and then remove the kitten from the image.

Kat had the idea to make a generator for clothing just like there is a generator for catsHere’s the chat we had about it.

Kirby has suggested that we add texture to cats on VKitty, and the only thing stopping us is a lack of knowledge of texture in SVG.

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