VKitty-Part 3: Clothing and Collars

Sir Soybean with a red shirt

Ever since the start of VKitty, it has been the plan to make collars, litter boxes and food for VKitties, along with some less-house cat-ish items, like armor, clothing, and potions.  At the beginning of VKitty development, Kat made a list of items that would be in the game, and until now, it was just hypothetical.

I had programmed a way to add items to the system, allowing data like Name, Price, Description, Type (clothing, pet care, etc), and whether or not the item was for Premium users only (not yet implemented).  However, there was no way to use this system to make items that do anything or are obtainable possible…

Until now.

With the new proposal for an inventory item handling method, all that’s left is to make the item images and usage variables.

On the left, you can see my demonstration of what Sir Soybean would look like with a red shirt on.  This is only a preliminary design, and it will probably be changed at some point.

Well, that’s all for today…  I’ll see you when the next development happens.

3 thoughts on “VKitty-Part 3: Clothing and Collars

  1. This is great news! The design of the preliminary red shirt looks good to me. It all sounds so complicated, though…”inventory item handling method”, “usage variables”, etc. I think I’ll get my Vkitty a collar first…color coordinated with her fur 🙂

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