I was in a class with a friend of mine named Jordan. We made computer games. Breakout was the game we made. Each person in the class made a different variation of Breakout, so here are two of them:

My friend Jordan made this game. It’s called Cannonball Breakout. The controls are left arrow key left, right arrow key right, p to pause, s to start from pause, q to quit, and spacebar to launch.

There are three files included in Cannonball Breakout: the program itself, the block image and the paddle image. You need both to run the program correctly.

You can find the zip file here.

And my game, *Pointless* Breakout.

In *Pointless* Breakout, you must destroy all 258 of the enemy’s shields. You have 11 shields. It was made in version 6 of Visual Basic, so don’t expect any masterpiece from me.

The controls are: mouse or left and right arrowkeys for moving the paddle, click or spacebar to launch the ball, escape to exit the program, p to pause and unpause the program, the asdfghjkl; keys to change the angle of the ball, and one other that I’m not going to tell you.

The paddle relies on the energy of the shields in the game for its width, so the more shields you and the enemy have, the bigger your paddle is.

You can find the exe file here.

Just so you know, both Jordan and I were wearing our Geek Squad t shirts today. Go Geek Squeed!!!

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