VKitty cats vectorized

VKitty’s architecture was wonderful, with all the security on the server side and the user interface on the client side.  There was only one big problem with the architecture: the cats were static images.

Now, I’ve redesigned the entire system, with the same cats still existing, but with better graphics, and more places to add on in the future.  Here’s a visual example: The images are scaled up to show more detail



As you can clearly see, the before picture is very pixelated, not antialiased, and is not able to be changed by the server as easily.

On the after picture, it is not pixelated at all, it is antialiased, and best of all, it’s not actually an image—at least the real version here—it’s an SVG, or vector, which means we can scale it up all we want, and it will still look good.

With the update to the cat graphics comes another addition to the options available: customizable patterns.  This means that not only can users select base colors for their cats, but they can also select colors for spots, stripes, or any other part of the cat’s body.

Unfortunately, with all good things, there are bad things, and with the new system, there are two downfalls.  The first is that the adoption system needs to be toally scrapped, the second is that I can no longer have a llama.

However, both of these problems can be fixed easily.  The first will be fixed with the new adoption system which will allow more customizability for each kitten adopted.  The second will be fixed by the new look of my VKitty.

Kat, the other team leader of VKitty, has posted a post about VKitty also.

If anyone who currently has a VKitty wants their kitten’s look changed, or doesn’t have one but wants one, you can still send me an email at nigh@vkitty.co.cc.

3 thoughts on “VKitty cats vectorized

  1. I’ve seen anyone use Vector before now, and it looks really nice if you use it in the right way.
    I love the screenshot in your comment, I can’t wait to adopt.

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