haggisbot is going GPL

haggisbothaggisbot has been patrolling the Boston Glob chatroom since June 1st, 2008.  Soon, you’ll be able to have a haggisbot in your own IRC chatroom!

haggisbot 0.6 is the current version on the Boston Glob chatroom, but the code is being completely redone for version 1.0.

If you would like to help with the development of this new version of the bot, head on over to the LlamaSlayers GoogleCode webpage and see if you can find any mistakes.  haggisbot is available for SVN access, but 0.6 is no longer being developed, and 1.0 is not ready to be used.

Anyway, we at Mad Haggis Enterprises hope that haggisbot will be more of a community project than just one person making a script for fun.

I’ve projected that haggisbot 1.0 will be mostly a cleanup of the code and fixing of existing features, but by version 2.0, there will be a scripting language that haggisbot will understand.

So, what do you think? I’ve told you what my thoughts are, now I need yours.

2 thoughts on “haggisbot is going GPL

  1. Is that thing on the top of the robot a haggis? It’s disgusting! I hope that my friends can see haggisbot, because I am momentarily out of more suggestions. All I can say is that haggibot has come a long way and is amazing!

  2. Love the haggisbot picture!!!!!!!!!! It’s an amazing contrast between the gross, primitive haggis and the modern, shiny bot. Looking forward to haggisbot being able to understand a scripting language, but I can’t contribute much to your programming phase. Sorry…

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