The Boston Glob

GlobThe Boston Glob is a humorous magazine dedicated to providing good clean laughs appropriate for all ages.  The Boston Glob consists entirely of submissions from the students of Magellan Day School.  While not an official school magazine, it has garnered tremendous popularity.  You can read the issues online, look at the digital domain (WeBsTuPh), use GlobOS (the online operating system), chat with friends, or attempt to read the Swedish or handwritten versions of the homepage.

We are now accepting signup requests for the BetaTesters team.  The current betatesting project is a new chat interface.  You can sign up using this form:

Haggisbot is one of the greatest creations of The Boston Glob.  Based entirely on reader suggestions, he can be found in the chatroom, moderating and playing games.  He understands a great variety of commands, from useful ones to completely pointless ones.  If you want to suggest a command, just tell haggisbot.  He keeps a log of everything that happens in the chat.

Everything on the Boston Glob website, including haggisbot, was coded from the ground up, with no rich text editors or WYSIWYGs.  The only exception to this rule is the chat, which is hosted on another server and in the public domain.

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