RuneScape gets a graphics update-Part 2

old and new chat heads

Just looking at the old and new chat heads, I know that this update is the best thing since RS2 came out.  Every part of it just looks more real than it did before.  I can’t imagine what   Jagex have already changed torches from position-changing triangles to dancing flames, but now, they’re going to make the light actually have an effect on the scenery.  A dimly lit dungeon would have less light in it than outdoors would have at noon, but the current game engine doesn’t seem to notice.  For example, if you have a lantern in your backpack, the light fills the space equally, even if there’s a wall between you and some object in a cave.

Soon, with the graphics update, the game engine will know where the light is coming from and will light only the area that would normally be lit, making the whole world one more step closer to being real.

Similarly, with the update, water will be less like painted wood.  With the old detail modes, water either looked like opaque blue jello or blue wood.  Now it will look like…  Water.


To accomplish this, Jagex needed to make another level in their building module, making a floor below the ground, first, and second floors.

They also redid most NPCs.  I find the new Lumbridge castle much more welcoming than the old one.

And last but not least, they showed us a picture of what the game would look like!  I really like their use of the space.  Now I even know where the arrows are stored for ranging!