I believe

Calling all bloggers of RSBandB!Yeah, I’m starting a fad. Basically, title your next blog post ‘I believe’ and post the things you believe in – whether it be religious, political, anything. Principles you stand for and agree with.Let’s see how much of the b&b Blogosphere will respond.

This is a quote from the RSBandB sandbox and I decided that I should go along with it, as there is nothing wrong with doing it.

So… Without any further nonsense…

I believe.

Yay. Oh? What’s this? There’s text after that? Ok, then.

I believe in/that:

  • Runescape is awesome
  • Jagex conspiracy theories
  • The Geek Squeed’s awesomeness
  • The fact that RSBandB is awesome
  • Randomness
  • More randomness
  • Even more randomness
  • Repetitive annoyance
  • CreepyPirate is a girl
  • Brad wants to kill certain people
  • The most off topic blog in the world is not this one, it is actually this one.
  • If you are reading this blog entry, you will read and follow the instructions in this final bullet point:
    1. Stand up
    2. Get your friends into the room
    3. Stop living in your mother’s basement
    4. Read the following passage:

    There are two types of people in the world: winners and losers.

    A winner will stand up for what’s right and not do what’s wrong. Winners are the people who sit in a classroom even though they have many reasons not to and stay perfectly calm while a teacher hands out a pop quiz, then pass it with flying colors. A winner is the person who fails at beating the other team and still congratulates them.

    A loser is the person who doesn’t understand anything in the world and doesn’t even want to try. Losers are the only people in the world who would actually finish reading this blog post.

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