This is what I’ve been waiting for since I knew it existed.  Woopra is actual REALTIME analytics.  It tells me when someone visits my blog, which page they’re on, where they’re from, what browser they’re on, their operating system, and their screen resolution, plus even more.  It also allows me to request a chat with someone on my site, and lets me set alerts for certain people visiting my blog.  If you’ve left a comment, you will show up with the name you used and your gravatar (if you have one).  Woopra hasn’t collected much data yet, since I just put it on my blog last night, but what it has collected was very detailed.

One of my favorite parts of Woopra is the ticker at the bottom of the screen.

I only have one suggestion for Woopra’s setup, here it is:

Instead of removing people from the live visitors screen at a timed interval, use the setTimeout JavaScript function to send pings to the Woopra server at a certain interval saying that the person is still on the page, and onUnload for when someone leaves the page.

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