2 thoughts on “iGod

  1. That was not god that was talking to you. I don’t know who it was but they where an idiot. You talk to God by prayer, not by some fancy MSN or AIM, or Google talk.. whatever you where using.

    God does exist. You’ll find that out when your older.. You will.

    If you still don’t, then you will when your dead, when your at the place to be judged, hes gonna frown, “Ben, how could you say I don’t exist, You knew I Did, deep in your soul you knew.. Yet, you lied…”

    I’m sorry to say, but you won’t like what happens next. Sorry, but I can’t help you anymore.

    That was not god you where speaking to, that was not Jesus, nor the Holy spirit, Nothing more than some random idiot trying to be someone cool.

  2. Wow, I’m impressed that one person (Kat) would actually tell you that. Yes, I agree with Kat. You may not believe in him now, but you probably will.

    Now time for one of the famous quotes.
    “Everybody will have the chance to hear the gospel. Either in this world or the next.”

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