RuneScape goals status update

Nightgunner5 and his mosquitoI’ve been working my rear end off on summoning in the last few days.  I’ve almost completely exhausted my money, but what I’m running out of the most is summoning charms, so I’ve decided to fight some cockroaches with my mosquitoes.  I’ve got to choose between mosquitoes, where the main ingredient costs upwards of 3k although only one shard is needed, or albino rats, which require 75 shards (1,875 coins in shards alone) and requires blue charms which (I think) are the rarest.  I could also try spirit kalphites, but they require potato cactuses which can only be found in a room with the level 333 Kalphite Queen.

I think I’ll go with the albino rats, since I only need 8 to get to level 30 summoning.

Anyway, Nightfawn is happy with her membership, ever since I showed her Catherby, I’m going ballistic trying to get the final two levels before automatic goal tracking will work for all of my skills.  I tried Fist of Guthix, I lost every time.

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