BuddyPress and CSS Naked Day

WordPress, bbPress, WordPress MU, Akismet, and Gravatar are Automattic‘s redefinition of the internet, blogging, and forums.  And now, BuddyPress is going to redefine social networking.  Not only do you get unlimited blogs with one installation of WordPress MU, but now, with the addition of BuddyPress, you can add the ability to have: (taken directly from the BuddyPress website)

  • Extended Profiles
  • Personal Blog
  • Private Messaging
  • Friends
  • Groups
  • The Wire
  • Status Updates
  • Albums

I’ve tested it, and even though it looks great so far, there’s not much to look at, however, I may be adding it to LlamaSlayers, after it’s out of beta.

In other news…

CSS Naked Day is comming up soon.  Don’t worry, there are no nude people in this event.  All it means is that everyone is encouraged to remove all CSS stylesheets, inline styles, and embedded styles of all kinds from their website.  This blog will be participating in the event, so for 48 hours around April 9th, this site will be CSS-free.  This means that my blog will look ugly, but it will raise awareness of what we take for granted on the internet.

The website will still be JavaScript-enabled, however, which gives me the ability to add a little script to the sidebar that will tell everyone about CSS Naked Day in the header.

I ask everyone to join me in website nudity.

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