March End-of-the-Month Wrap Up

Today marks the end of March, and the start of April.  March had some amazing things happen in it this year, and here’s the post where I get to tell you about them.


WordPress 2.5 was released this month, and it has tons of updates, mostly on the admin pages.  It even made the slow blog I have (sometimes taking over a minute to load a single page) faster with the addition of the (already installed on my blog) WP Super Cache plugin.


Jagex fixed up summoning.  This might not be big news for you non-RuneScapers out there, but this is one of the best updates of the year.  Amongst the top features of this update are the ability to gain experience from combat done by your summoned familiars, a longer amount of time for familiars per summon, and 24 new summoning familiars.

Nightgunner5 got to use his whip for the first time (he bought it this month, too).  He trained his attack level from 65 to 70 in three days and beat up a level 122 ice troll king on his way to being able to use the whip.
Nightgunner5 and his whip

This blog

March marked the longest blog post ever on this blog.  It also took the longest to write.  Nightgunner5 should be proud of himself, after writing a 7-page-long blog post.  There were 7 blog posts this month, not counting this one, and 63 media uploads.  There were 16 comments made this month, from 6 different people.  16 plugins are active on this blog.

Plans for next month

Nightgunner5 plans to do the legends’ quest because of the cape.  I plan on giving Nightfawn 5 dollars so she can become a RuneScape member.

Until next month,
Sir Soybean

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  1. Another great (?) thing that happened in March was the record-setting snow total that led some to wonder about global warming. Does use of all this technology have any relationship to global warming?
    Oh, never mind…just want to congratulate you on a great, high tech month!

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