Browser Warz-Part 1: Safari worse than IE?

I like testing my browsers to see how standards compliant they are.  As you know from my previous entries, Internet Explorer is definitely NOT standards compliant.  However, I could not have predicted that Safari would fail the test worse than IE.

And now, the rules:

  • No “Browser Warz” tests will be based on looks, it must be blatantly obvious if a browser has passed the test.
  • All four browsers (IE, Firefox, Opera, and Safari) will be used in either the latest released version or the latest beta available to the general public, depending on the test.
  • No browser-specific code will be used.
  • Every test will be available for download.
  • Every test will be completely standards compliant.

Browser Warz test one tests the following:

  • Gzip decompression
  • xHTML file type and content type header
  • Base 64 decoding
  • data: protocol
  • css @include at rule
  • <!– vs <!-
  • Basic css
  • Favicon (Not needed to pass)
  • (Only if failed) Asking before downloading

And now, the results:

Firefox passed with flying colors, it displayed the page correctly, along with the favicon.
Firefox-Browser Warz test 1

Opera also passed, but did not display the favicon.
Opera-Browser Warz test 1

Internet Explorer asked if I wanted to download the page.  It did not display the page at all, therefore it fails the test.
IE-Browser Warz test 1

Safari failed completely.  It didn’t ask if I wanted to download the page, it just went ahead and did it.
Safari-Browser Warz test 1

Browser Warz test 1 can be downloaded here.

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