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This is a followup of a post called Microsoft says IE8 is standards compliant. I think not.

I was testing my template on IE7 and IE8–along with a bunch of other browsers–when I noticed that IE7 rendered the pages of my test blog better than IE8. I took a few screenshots, but there are even more bugs than I could fit into this blog post.

First of all, I would like to say that I’m using IE7-JS to make my pages render better, but in the admin, there is no such thing, and I have IE7-JS set to work on all Internet Explorer versions.

The first thing I noticed was that floats did not work in IE8 on the galleries that are standard with WP2.5.
IE7 on the left, IE8 on the right. Note that I have the random colors on each pageload option active, and the background color being different does not affect the rendering, nor is it a rendering problem.

Next, I tested the Slimbox (Lightbox but better). IE8 showed no signs of transparency, but IE7 worked as well as Firefox or Safari work with the transparency.
IE7 on the left, IE8 on the right. Also, notice that IE8 shows a scrollbar at the bottom. No other browser that I tested did that.

Next, I decided to see what the Admin interface would look like. I logged in. Small rendering problem.
IE7 on the left, IE8 on the right. As you can see, IE8 renders the log in button without making the blue box completely cover the back of it.

Once I logged in, I noticed that In IE7, the dashboard widgets rendered correctly. In IE8, they rendered one on top of another.
You guessed it, IE7 on the left, IE8 on the right.

I went to the write page. IE8 made the title input box fill more than half of my screen, but IE7 rendered it correctly.

I scrolled down a bit, and found more rendering errors in IE8, still none in IE7.
IE7-Tags and CategoriesIE8-Tags and Categories

Microsoft, you need to work on making your rendering engine better, not adding more bugs to it.


5 thoughts on “IE7 vs IE8

  1. I am web developer and i hate IE! Making WEB 2.0 applications is limited due to its bugs. They need to rewrite IE’s code from scratch, they can ask Apple how to make great rendering engine.

    Microsoft slows down the development of web 2.0!!!

  2. Microsoft promised to release IE8 in October, as I’d read in news couple months ago. I was excited to get it and test it to see how they follow all standards, as they stated. Now I got it and i’m disappointed again. I have the same problems with floating and positioning elements. IE7 and Mozilla work perfect on that. I found some ways to fix it. But I have a custom filebrowser button, where an original <input type=”file” /> should be set to 0 opacity. All browsers i’ve tested rendered this page fine, except for IE8. Does anybody know how to change opacity in IE8?
    P.S. prodigal daughter returned back to Mozilla house))

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