What is funny?

My English teacher asked me (and the rest of my class) today to write a journal entry about what we think “funny” is.

Write a journal entry about what funny is.

He gave us some examples on what we could think about:

What is “funny”? How do you define “humor”? Why?

  • People
  • Actions
  • Media
  • Ideas

Many examples of humor are found on Monty Python‘s Flying Circus. For example, women that you know are men, silly walks, completely idiotic animation and people being hit by giant hammers are all funny.

Anything can be made funny. For example,

Smiley face

See? I bet you weren’t expecting that!

To answer your question, Mister-English-Teacher-Person, I define funny as humor and humor as funny.  I also define funny as I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER and Pokémon.  Funny is anything you can have a laugh at.