“Modern Blue” WordPress template planned release for WP 2.5

Sir Soybean and I have been working on making this blog’s theme look pretty. What you may not know yet is in three weeks, you’ll be able to use it with your blog! Unfortunately, the template will require WordPress 2.5, so you’ll have to either wait until it is released or download an unstable copy via the subversion repository. But you can, however, download a copy from the LlamaSlayers subversion repository, or a stable release from our Google code project.

Please, if you find out anything wrong with the template or want us to add new features, let us know.

Of course, since WP2.5 hasn’t been released yet, this blog isn’t running on the new version that you can download at the Google code site.

If you do use this template, please leave in the footer link. It allows other people to get the template and be just as happy as you are with it.

2 thoughts on ““Modern Blue” WordPress template planned release for WP 2.5

  1. Update: I’m working on making a version of the theme for each major release of WordPress. This means that 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3 will be able to use the theme.

    Updated update: This blog is now using the 0.2.3 version.

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