We’re fans of Twitter around here, in fact many Automatticians have accounts, but while the format appealed to us it really just whetted our appetite for something more, like a way for each of us to share short messages about what we’re doing or working on internally, or private messages between groups of folks.

Automattician Matt Mullenweg wrote this in the blog, two days before Joseph Scott announced big updates to Prologue. I’ve been using prologue for a few days now, along with Nightgunner5, and we’ve liked it quite a lot. We have two prologues, one is in a secret place on a private server, and the other can be found at


With Prologue, you answer a simple question and the blog figures the rest out for you, you don’t even need to specify a title, all there is is the content of the post itself. Think of it as a group twitter with no character limit.

It has all the features of a normal blog, simply because it is one. You still have all the core features of WordPress. In fact, all Prologue is is a theme. A template.

Since Prologue is directed towards a different audience than twitter—twitter being for people who want the world to know when they’re eating dinner and Prologue being for programmers (in my experience)—Prologue takes the tags you make on post and calls them projects. It even introduces a new widget, the “Recent Projects” widget, which takes your tags and puts them in order of last posted to.

Prologue, like many other themes, can be found on the Automattic Subversion Server, and has a header image uploader built right into it.

If you want Prologue, you can download it from the subversion server or get a blog and install the Prologue theme.

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