Worries about spam

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This came to me in a daydream while I was on the FreePowerBoards community forum:

It’s sort of sad when the longest and most posted to thread (of the threads with a purpose)  is the forum emergencies thread (the place where spam is reported).  We either need more administrators and more moderators (to ban and delete spammers and their posts), or less spammers and ways for them to get in.

When I saw five spam posts posted with nobody except me on the site, I was worried.  I was even more worried when three of them were posted in by legidimate members of the site.  The problem is that only a handfull of people on the site understand that posting in spambot spam is just making the problem worse.

If only there were more active moderators on the site, or even easier, more moderators.  I know plenty of people on the forums that deserve to be moderators, but they just don’t have the powers given to them.

Another thing that could fix the spam problem:  Word censors.  The ones installed on the forums now just change the specific word, but what if it could stop the spambot from posting certain words alltogether?

I notice that only the community forum has spam that doesn’t belong.  The other forums have either no spam at all, or very little, or an area that people are allowed to spam in.  The only place I have ever seen with so much spam would be Brad’s blog, but he can do something about it.

My question is why people spam.  And why do people build spambots?  The answers are obvious, yet redundant.People spam when they don’t have spambots to do their work for them.People build spambots because they’re lazy.

But why would anyone want to spam in the first place?  One reason would be to advertise.  Another would be to ruin the other businesses.  I can understand the type of spam where people just don’t know any better, but how would they like it if we spammed them?

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