Linux Sucks

I’m in this computer class and I’m learning from the Geek Squad  They’re showing us everything there is to know about computers.  Our homework assignment for today is to find and put onto a CD version .2 of Kororaa (a linux-based operating system)

There are three reasons I am posting this here.

  1. People from my class said I have to.
  2. It is taking forever.
  3. I hope other people will share my misery.

Here’s the link:

It’s taking more than an hour to download and I haven’t even gotten half way through yet.  I hope I can figure out how to burn it to the CD that they gave me.


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2 thoughts on “Linux Sucks

  1. Hello, Ben. Thanks for posting The leet suckish operating system. I’ll download the leet suckish operating system later.

    Cookie pl0x?

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