The Spinning Top Museum

buckets She collects tops, I collect buckets. The only difference is she collects them in real life.

Today, I went on a long car ride with my family. About an hour long each way. We went to a crowded burger place called “Fred’s” that claimed to have “The best burgers in the world”. We waited for over a half hour to get our food. It was ok.

Then, we went into the place that is called The Top Museum in Burlington Wisconsin. When we came in, I saw an old building packed with tops and brain teasers for sale. I thought to myself: “This is a museum? It looks more like a store to me…”

Then, after waiting for another half hour in the packed environment, she locked the door and led us into a dark hallway, and then opened some big doors and turned on a light.

The room there was huge compared to the front part of the store! I looked around and saw so many tops I couldn’t count them all.

Apparently, she was the person who spun the tops in the sequel to “A Christmas Story,” she showed us some pictures. She had everything from a top that was one millimeter high to one that was a few feet high and even a top that was from 1876!

You can see her (badly coded) website at

P.S. After she heard that I had coded my father’s website, she asked me if I could fix hers up!

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