A few minor adjustments:

  1. I have upgraded the tinymice post writer to the highest version I can find.  This update only affects the writers in this blog.

  2. I have also changed the fade animation from 5 seconds long to 0.5 seconds long.  I had found that the 5 second animation took too long, but the new one should be just fine.

  3. Last, but not least, I have put in a button under the comments input box that allows you to preview your post (what it will look like after wordpress’s inner voodoo finishes with your comment).

See you later!

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About Sir Soybean

Sir Soybean is one of the two lead programmers (and only programmers) on LlamaSlayers.net. He is also the co-owner of the site. Most of the time, he is working on something special and isn't posting actively on the site, but when he does post, his posts are better than Nightgunner5's.

3 thoughts on “A few minor adjustments:

  1. I like the faster fade animation. Now I don’t have to wait for it 🙂

    What’s this about tiny mice running around the posts? I think tiny mice should stay outdoors and away from computers. What if they like to eat computer components & stop the computer from working or get a lethal electrical shock. Tiny mice should be banned!

    I thought the preview button was installed and then removed. Did you put it back again (I see it) or did you not remove it? I just have to know! Please reply quick! Quickly! Quicker? Quickest? (quickest than what?) I’d better stop before I drive you (or me) crazy!!!

    Hey! Where’s the little corner thing that let’s me see my whole post without clicking preview? I miss that little button! Or wasn’t it ever available for replies? Or is this reply too long?

  2. He spelled it wrong. It’s tinyMCE. And the preview button was removed from your blog because you told me to. The little thing in the corner is from tinyMCE.

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